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Thunor, as imagined by Midjourney AI
Thunor, as imagined by Midjourney AI

Thunor is a god in Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, typically associated with thunder.


Thunor is a learned borrowing from the Old English Þunor, from Proto-Germanic *Þunraz, a theonym for the thunder god whose literal meaning was thunder without any other derivation. It is from this Old English word þunor that the modern English word thunder evolved.1


Old English sources

Solomon and Saturn

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Thunor gives his name to the fourth day of the week either directly via Old English þunresdæg, later shortened to þursdæg or indirectly via Old Norse þórsdagr, all meaning “Thursday” (i.e. “Thor’s day”). The term is a calque of the Latin dies Iovis in accordance with Interpretatio Romana in which Thunor was identified with the Roman god Jupiter.2


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